• Tarek Abouzed
  • Doaa Dorghamm
  • Khaled Kahilo
  • Azza Elkattawy
  • Eldsokey Nassef
  • Hanan El-sawy



This study explored the impact of supplementation of L- carnitine on the performance of broiler chicken, biochemical parameters and expression of cationic amino acid transporter (CAT2), myogenic determining factor (MYOD) and myogenic factor 5 (MYF5) genes. This study included two groups; the first one is the control group and the second one received L-carnitine at a dose 50 mg/kg/day in drinking water. After 35 day, the sera and muscle tissue were obtained for biochemical and real time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) analysis.  The obtained results revealed a significant increase in the body weight, total body weight gain and a significant decrease in food consumption, food conversion rate in L-carnitine-supplemented group as compared to the control group. Moreover, there was no significant changes in serum cholesterol, triacylglycerol, AST, ALT, total protein and uric acid levels which showed a slight decrease in L-carnitine-supplemented group in comparison with the control group. This study also revealed a significant up regulation for the expression of CAT2, MYOD and MYF5 genes in muscles of broiler chicken-supplemented with L- carnitine as compared to the control one. The present study concluded that supplementation of L- carnitine to broiler chicken was useful to increase the total body weight gain and muscle mass and this beneficial effect was associated with up regulation of CAT2, MYOD, and MYF5 genes.

Key words: L-carnitine; broiler chicken; growth traits; CAT2; MYOD; MYF5


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