Amany I. Ahmed, Khalifa El-Dawy, Medhat M. Fawzy, Haytham A. Abdallah, Heba N. Abd Elsaid, Wessam O. Elmesslamy


In the Egyptian community, tramadol abuse is considered an increasingly alarming phenomenon. The popularity and massive use of tramadol especially among Egyptian youth contribute to alleged usages for treatment of premature ejaculation also for the extension of orgasm and also increase sexual pleasure as it available in many online drug media and stores. However, this abuser life on a blade of a knife and is susceptible to another sexual dysfunction, memory and learning disorder and different metabolic disorders. This literature consults the phenomenon of tramadol abuse and its relation to sexual function, memory learning disorder and other metabolic disorders. It could be concluded that the increase in the prevalence of tramadol HCl dependency over other substances in the Egyptian community, calls for paying more attention from family, health and educational institutes. Tramadol may apply a very useful intervention for treating premature ejaculation, but its abuse bad effect may supply a possible demonstration for the unexplained delayed fertility as well as behavioral and the associated psychological changes. Also it could involve malfunction of the cerebral cortex which includes deficits in memory and the reduction in cognitive function which appeared in chronic abusers of tramadol.

Key words: tramadol; abuse; apoptosis; oxidative stress; cognitive

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