Çiğdem Şeremet Tuğalay, Özge Altan


This study was conducted to investigate the effects of calorie restriction and dietary bee products (apilarnil plus royal jelly) supplementation on reproductive and oxidative responses and to determine the possibilities that these treatments may be used in retarding the reproductive ageing of broiler breeder males. At 52 weeks of age, broiler breeder males were assigned to four treatment groups. The control group was fed on restricted feed as recommended by the breeder company throughout the study; the ad libitum group was fed ad libitum for a four-week period; the bee products group was fed similar to the control group except that their diet was supplemented with apilarnil and royal jelly for a four-week period and in the last group calorie restriction (45 % of standard diet) was applied for a four-week period. After a four-week adaptation period, the experiment was continued for 18 weeks. The results obtained in the present study have demonstrated that the percentage of dead sperm was the most affected semen characteristic by reproductive ageing. Long-term moderate feed restriction could not prevent age-related declines in sperm production. Dietary bee products supplementation or calorie restriction for a fourweek period positively affected the semen characteristics, and these beneficial effects could be maintained to some extend up until 72 weeks of age. Calorie restriction enhanced antioxidant defence for the first four-week period; however, this beneficial effect could not be sustained until the end of the experiment.

Key words: broiler breeder males; ageing; semen characteristics; oxidative stress; bee products; calorie restriction


Abstrakt: Å tudija je bila izvedena z namenom raziskovanja uÄinkov omejevanja kalorij in dodajanja prehranskih Äebeljih pridelkov (apilarnil in matiÄni mleÄek) na reprodukcijske in oksidativne odzive ter ugotoviti možnosti uporabe prehranskih dodatkov za zaviranje reproduktivnega staranja samcev plemenskih brojlerjev. Pri starosti 52 tednov so bili samci plemenskih brojlerjev razporejeni v Å¡tiri skupine. Kontrolna skupina je bila ves Äas Å¡tudije krmljena z restrikcijsko krmo po priporoÄilih podjetja, ki se ukvarja z gojenjem plemenskih broilerjev; skupina ad libitum je bila Å¡tiri tedne hranjena ad libitum; skupina, pri kateri so bili dodani Äebelji pridelki je bila krmljena podobno kot kontrolna skupina, le da je bila njihova prehrana Å¡tiri tedne dopolnjevana z apilarnilom in matiÄnim mleÄkom, zadnja skupina pa je Å¡tiri tedne dobivala kaloriÄno omejeno hrano (45 % obiÄajne prehrane). Po Å¡tiritedenskem prilagoditvenem obdobju se je poskus nadaljeval Å¡e 18 tednov. Rezultati, pridobljeni v tej Å¡tudiji, so pokazali, da je bila najbolj prizadeta znaÄilnost staranja poviÅ¡an odstotek mrtvih semenÄic v ejakulatu. DolgoroÄna zmerna omejitev krme ni prepreÄila starostnega zmanjÅ¡anja proizvodnje smenÄic. Dodatek prehranskih Äebeljih pridelkov ali omejevanje kalorij v obdobju Å¡tirih tednov je pozitivno vplival na znaÄilnosti semena. Ti blagodejni uÄinki so se ohranili vse do starosti do 72 tednov. Omejitev kalorij je okrepila tudi antioksidativno obrambo v prvih Å¡tirih tednih raziskave; vendar pa se je ta ugodni uÄinek kasneje izgubil.

KljuÄne besede:samci plemenskih brojlerjev; staranje; znaÄilnosti semena; oksidativni stres; Äebelji proizvodi; omejitev kalorij

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