Neama Omara, Essam Elsebaie, H Kassab, A Salama


This work was undertaken to figure out the optimum conditions for transformation of chitin to chitosan via microwave and to determine chitosan physical properties, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities to evaluate the possibility of using such by-products in preparing some functional foods. The obtained results revealed that deacetylation degree (DA) 93 % attained by chitin remediation with 50% aqueous sodium hydoxide sol at 1:25 solid:liquid ratio for 10 min into a microwave using a power 800W. Purified chitosan was characterized for molecular weight (4200 KDa), solubility (94%), water holding capacity (505%), oil holding capacity (321%) as well as intrinsic viscosity (13.2 dl/g). Samples of meat containing chitosan (0.02%) have the minimal experiment into the microbiological count, e.g. total count, yeasts and moulds. The anti-microbial effectiveness of chitosan was frequently higher than that of sorbistat-K or their blend by adding 0.01% chitosan and the same percent from sorbistat-K. Sensual attributes of samples contained chitosan, i.e. odour, texture and colour, were greater than other samples (sorbistat-K and control treatments). Though, chitosan nominated like a potent, eco-friendly and naturalistic substitution to reserve meat and protect its comprehensive quality.

Key words: chitosan; microwave; antioxidant activity; natural preservative

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