• Mohamed Omar
  • Tamer Abdel-hamid
  • Sara Esam
  • Annam Omar



This study was aimed to  economic evaluate the effect of Dried Tomato Pomace (DTP) on growth performance, biochemical profiles and economic efficiency of Mallard Ducks from 1 days old until 72 days  (age of marketing). A total of 240 unsexed one – day old, Mallard ducklings were used in this study and  were randomly and independently allocated to the four dietary treatments, each containing 60 ducks and divided in to four groups, T1 (control ), T2 ( 10 % DTP), T3 (15% DTP) and T4 (20% DTP) . The diets were formulated in mash form fortified with vitamin and mineral premix and chemical analysis were applied for starter and finisher rations. Moreover, feed and water were provided for ad-libitumconsumption. The results showed that, ducks fed 20 % DTP had higher live body weight with a coincident significant increase of the feed intake (P <0.05). In addition, total cholesterol, Triglycerides, high density lipoprotein (HDL) are decreased significantly (P <0.05) meanwhile low density lipoprotein (LDL), total protein profiles non-significant (P > 0.05).  In terms of economic analysis, T4 ( 20% DTP) diet revealed the lowest cost per Kg live weight of ducks 77.57 L.E / duck, along with the highest economic return 91.38 L.E per duck and net profit 13.81 L.E per duck. In conclusion, Mallard duck can efficiently utilize diet containing high DTP (20%) diets, consequently, it can be used to optimize their growth performance and maintain the maximum economic return.

Key words: Mallard duck; dried tomato pomace; growth performance; economics


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