• Atef Salem
  • Hassan El–Awady
  • Mohamed Tag EL-Dein
  • Dina Eisa




Eight weeks prior to expected calving date, 32 Friesian cows were assigned according to parity to four homogenous groups (8 animals each). Cows were fed a basal ration alone as a control group 1 (CON G1), or basal ration supplemented with 25 mg black seed oil per kg body weight, (BSO G2), 11 mg chamomile flower oil (CFO G3), or 25 mg oregano leaves oil (OLO G4). Biochemical and hematological parameters were measured and there were within the normal ranges of cattle. Relative to the control group, aromatic plant oils significantly reduced plasma lipids and increased plasma concentration of IgG. Feed intake was similar among groups. Economic evaluations were in favor of BSO group. BSO significantly (P<0.05) improved daily milk yield (DMY), fat and protein, but reduced lactose content of milk. CFO increased (P<0.05) daily milk yield. Only fat-corrected DMY was increased with OLO supplementation. The three supplements reduced (P<0.05) milk electric conductivity (EC) and somatic cell count (SCC). Overall, our results indicated that supplementing diets of Friesian cows with aromatic plant oils, particularly black seed oil, improved milk yield, udder health, and some immune parameters.

Key words: aromatic oils; cows; blood parameters; milk production and immunity


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