• Tamer El Zeny
  • Rowida Essa
  • Badia Bisar
  • S Metwalli




Chicory roots powder is considered as a rich source of fiber and polyphones. It can be interfered in the formation of many functional foods that play an important role in maintaining human health from many diseases such as obesity and diabetes. So, this research was carried out to determine the chemical composition of the chicory roots and to evaluate assess the quality properties of reduced- fat burger as influenced with chicory roots powder. The prepared burger samples contained chicory roots powder as fat replacer with substitution ratio of 25, 50 and 75% of animal fat. Cooking quality and sensory evaluation were measured in burger samples. The results revealed that adding Chicory roots powder lead to an improvement in burger nutritional value and cooking properties. In burger contained chicory roots powder, there was an increment in cooking yield meanwhile, shrinkage and feeder number were decreased. Adding chicory roots powder to burger as a fat replacer does not cause any negative effects on its sensory properties.

Key words: fat replacer; burger; dietary fiber


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