Karam Al-Mallah, Mariem Hussien


A total of 108 non-gravid ovine uteri were collected from slaughtered ewes at Mosul slaughter house and private butcheries to monitor and identify the uterine pathological lesions. The uteri were grossly examined for observation of gross pathological lesions. Tissues samples were collected for histopathological studies. The incidence of different pathological lesions was calculated. Diffuse or nodular endometrial hyperplasia, endometrial degeneration and desquamation and endometrial coagulative necrosis at ratios 36.11%, 20.37% and 16.66% respectively. Endometritis and subendometrial fibrosis were noticed in 7.40% and 3.70% of the examined samples. Also vascular hyperemia and vascular wall thickening were observed in 12.96% and 5.55% of total examined samples. It is concluded that most of the detected lesions in nongravid uteri appears to be related with previous infections or pregnancies.

Key words: Nongraviduteri; lesions; ewes

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