Adel Ramoun, Essam Almadaly, Hamdy Hattab, Samy Darwish, Ismail EL- Kon


Uterine and cervical involutions were judged by transrectal ultrasonography (US) versus rectal palpations (RP) in buffaloes (n =26). The diameters of the pregravid uterine horn (PGUHD) and cervix (CvD) were estimated by both transrectal US and RP every three days until gross uterine or cervical involution. Also, the US-measured PGUHD and CvD were recorded on the day of gross uterine or cervical involution on the basis of RP. The combined thickness of the myometrium and perimetrium of the pregravid uterine horn (PGUHMPT) and cervical wall thickness (CvWT) were parallelly estimated with US-measuring of PGUHD and CvD. The intervals to gross uterine (P< 0.05) and cervical (P< 0.01) involutions, on the basis of RP, were shorter than those on the basis of US. Both US-measured PGUHD and PGUHMPT, on the day of involution on the basis of US, were less than their US-measured counterparts on the day of a gross involution on the basis of RP. Both US-measured CvD and CvWT, on the day of cervical involution on the basis of US, were less than their US-measured counterparts on the day of involution on the basis of RP. It is concluded that US- measuring of the pregravid uterine horn diameter and the combined thickness of myometrium and perimetrium as well as cervical diameter and its wall thickness, is more accurate than RP-measuring of diameters of pregravid uterine horn and cervix for assessing the involution of the reproductive tract in buffaloes.

Key words: buffalo; involution; ultrasonography; cervical; combine thickness

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