Improvement of cattle health traits by genetic markers

Kristina Morkūnienė, Renata Bižienė, Nijolė Pečiulaitienė, Rasa Ugenskienė


Aim of the research was to perform evaluation of cattle lethal diseases BLAD, DUMPS and CVM prevalence in Lithuanian dairy cattle population. Totally two hundred non-related (based on the documentation of origin) cattle – cows and heifers – were selected. DNA extraction from blood leukocytes was performed by chloroform salt method. Cattle were tested for several inherited bovine disorders as bovine leukocyte adhesion deficiency (BLAD), deficiency of uridine monophosphate synthase (DUMPS), complex vertebral malformation (CVM). PCR-RFLP test method was used to determine polymorphism of genes, reponsible for BLAD and DUMPS inherited disorders development. CVM disease was determined by the missens mutation, which had been found  in the SLC35A3 gene. The study was performed by sequencing method. Recessive allele with point mutation A→G (383), causing BLAD disease, found in Lithuanian cows popula­tion with 0.0025 frequency. Recessive allele with point mutation C→T (405), causing DUMPS disease, was not found in Lithuanian cows population. Recessive allele with point mutation SLC35A3 G→T (559), causing CVM disease, found in Lithuanian cows population with 0.005 frequency.

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